HBF encourages members and employees to download app

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Perth-based HBF has urged its members to download the federal government’s recently-launched COVIDSafe app.

The app is designed to support contact tracing once governments start lifting social distancing restrictions. Over 4.5 million Australians have downloaded the app.

HBF CEO John Van Der Wielen said he and his executive team have downloaded the app and encourage the insurer's members and employees to do likewise.

“As the largest health insurer in Western Australia, it would be remiss of HBF not to support a measure that has the potential to save lives, prevent our health system from becoming overwhelmed, and bring us closer to returning to normal routine,” he said.

“I encourage every HBF member to download the app and to ask three friends or family to do the same. That would immediately ensure a majority of the WA population is registered.”

According to HBF chief health advisor Professor Hugh Dawkins, “The app can potentially reach those who are missed in manual contact tracing efforts.

“It also means Australians living with chronic respiratory disorders and complex conditions such as cystic fibrosis, diabetes or kidney disease can still access the health services they need with minimum risk.

“COVIDSafe, through the automated, dynamic tracking of potential community contacts, will ensure the virus spread and health services capacity are well-managed in this next phase of relaxing community restrictions.”