HBF and Ramsay Health Care abolish co-payment for robotic-assisted procedures

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Private health insurer HBF has announced an agreement with Ramsay Health Care to remove the substantial co-payment previously paid by its members in Western Australia for robotic-assisted surgery.

Robot technology is increasingly used in cancer surgery such as radical prostatectomy (removal of the prostate) and the treatment of kidney and bladder cancer.

HBF’s executive general manager of insurance and health services, Dr Daniel Heredia, said the arrangement with Ramsay Health Care would alleviate the higher costs associated with robotic procedures.

“Affordability – out-of-pocket fees in particular – is one of the biggest pain points for our members,” he said.

“Procedures performed using a robotic surgical system have additional consumables that can be significantly more expensive than when the same surgery is performed using other surgical techniques.

“At a time when members are already distressed about their health, this is one less thing for them to worry about.”

Dr Heredia said HBF is committed to driving better member outcomes, including ensuring out-of-pocket expenses were minimal.

“We take the responsibility of keeping our products affordable and accessible to our members very seriously,” he said.

“HBF is pleased to have reached this agreement with Ramsay Health Care that will deliver certainty, enhance the value of private health insurance and improve our members’ overall experience.”