Greg Hunt launches new online tool to help navigate IVF

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The federal government has boosted support for couples trying to become pregnant through the launch of the new 'YourIVFSuccess' website.

"In Vitro Fertilisation – IVF – and other assisted reproductive technologies have helped hundreds of thousands of Australians experience the joy of becoming parents. Until now, there has not been an easy way for consumers to find and compare fertility clinics or to estimate their individual chance of success," said health minister Greg Hunt.

Miniter Hunt said one-in-six Australian couples face difficulty trying to start a family.

“For a range of reasons, sometimes starting a family is not straightforward and this can be a confusing and distressing time,” he said.

“The YourIVFSuccess website will help people estimate their chances of success through this treatment so that they can make the decisions which are right for them.

“It allows people to access information based on real-world statistical information collected from patients who have undergone IVF treatment.

“The website also includes an IVF Success Estimator so those thinking about starting or continuing IVF can make informed decisions.

“In addition, the new website will provide independent and impartial information about all fertility clinics in Australia, including the clinic’s success rates.”

Senator for South Australia, Stirling Griff, played a role in advocating for the new website's development. He said it 'fills a gap' in the information people need if they choose to start a family through IVF or continue with assisted reproductive treatment.

“This important project will help people navigate the difficult and often complex world of IVF,” said Senator Griff.

“The website means infertile Australians will no longer be flying blind when they choose a clinic; they can use it to research and view the performance of each fertility clinic, to understand their own prospects of success, and to make an informed choice.  

“I want to thank the expert working party, UNSW Sydney, Access Australia, and the IVF Directors group representing the IVF clinics for their considerable efforts to make this online tool a reality.”

The website has been funded under a $4.6 million Medical Research Future Fund grant over four years from to UNSW Sydney.