Government's COVID-19 inquiry invites stakeholders to make submissions

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The COVID-19 Response Inquiry Panel has invited submissions from stakeholders to its inquiry into Australia's response to the pandemic, including the procurement of vaccines and antivirals.

The panel, comprised of Robyn Kruk AO, Professor Catherine Bennett, and Dr Angela Jackson, was appointed to lead the federal government's inquiry that has attracted criticism over its lack of powers.

According to the note to stakeholders, "This inquiry provides the opportunity to examine what worked well, what have been the longer-term repercussions of some of the policies put in place, and identify where we can make improvements to enhance our preparedness so that we have resilient and effective national systems and institutions to manage a future pandemic event."

It invites stakeholders to inform its "recommendations" via a written submission "or evidence as part of our public consultation process".

"Submissions and evidence should be relevant to the COVID-19 Response Inquiry’s terms of reference," it says.

The terms of reference include the procurement of COVID-19 vaccinations and treatments, medical supplies such as personal protective equipment, quarantine facilities, and public health messaging.

Submissions are open until 15 December.