Government hopes to strengthen innovation links with the US

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The federal government is creating four new strategic committees with the goal of enhancing collaboration with the US on medical breakthroughs and R&D in healthcare. 

The four committees will build on the advisory board announced by the Turnbull government in March that is partnering with the United States Council on Competitiveness (USCC). 

The Australian Advisory on Technology and Healthcare Competitiveness is co-chaired by Mr Charles Kiefel OAM, Distinguished Fellow of the Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils, Dr Larry Marshall, CEO of CSIRO, and Dr Jane Wilson, Director of Sonic Healthcare.

The Advisory Board is establishing an Australia-US Chief Technology Officer Dialogue. 

The four new committees, which will be comprised of Australians with extensive experience from sectors such as research, technology, innovation and healthcare, will support the advisory board.

They will help shape the agenda and discussion of the Advisory Board with members contributing their time and expertise on a pro bono or honorary basis.

Their work will focus on the promotion of Australian technology, innovation and healthcare with the goal of boosting business opportunities and patient outcomes. It is hoped their efforts will create more opportunities for Australian firms to learn from leading innovators in the US.