Government delays the implementation of major PL reform

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A key phase of the planned reform of the Prostheses List will be delayed in response to stakeholder concerns over the risk of unintended consequences.

The Prostheses List (PL) is the Commonwealth's legislated framework for the private funding of medical devices.

The PL has been the significant focus of a reform agenda in recent years. 

The parliament recently passed legislation that provided the Government with powers to progress its reform agenda, which is significantly focused on aligning the prices private health insurers pay for medical devices with the public health system.

The reform agenda included the planned removal of around 500 general-use and consumable products from the PL.

The list includes infusion pumps and accessories, sponges, pliable patches, adhesion barriers, ligating devices, and catheters.

The plan is to remove these products from the PL and allow private hospitals and other impacted providers to negotiate their funding arrangements.

However, the 1 July implementation date has been delayed in response to concerns over unintended consequences, including the risk that the change could lead to the removal of products from the market.