Government commits $10m to 'media buy' for COVID-19 booster campaign

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The federal government is planning a significant communications campaign to promote the uptake of COVID-19 booster doses.

The Department of Health and Aged Care (department) recently committed over $10 million to a media buy to promote the uptake of boosters.

The campaign will be timed for the period leading up to the Winter months during which the number of COVID-19 cases is expected to rise, particularly given the emergence of new variants and updated vaccines.

The department's latest statistical update shows that only 72 per cent of people aged over 16 have received three doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. While 19.8 million Australians aged over 16 have received two doses, only 14.3 million have received a third dose.

People aged over 18 are now encouraged to receive a booster, potentially their fourth dose of vaccine if it has been six months or longer since their last COVID-19 booster or confirmed infection.