Government announces funding for genomics and CV research

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The federal government has announced two medical research grant rounds worth $90 million to help accelerate Australian-led genomics and cardiovascular research.

Health minister Greg Hunt announced the grants are available through the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) and focus on two of the Fund’s key initiatives – the Genomics Health Futures Mission ($56 million) and the Cardiovascular Health Mission ($34 million).

The Genomics Health Futures Mission funds research to integrate genomics knowledge and technology into clinical practice. The Cardiovascular Health Mission aims to reduce the toll of Australia’s number one killer.

Minister Hunt said Australia is taking a lead role in improving and saving lives - through better detection, prediction and treatment, and better long-term recovery from acute events.  

“The goal of the Genomics Health Futures Mission is to save or transform the lives of more than 200,000 Australians through genomic research by delivering better testing, diagnosis and treatment,” he said.

“Heart disease and stroke are the leading causes of premature death, disability and avoidable hospital admissions, costing more than $10.4 billion each year in direct health care costs. The Cardiovascular Health Mission will help mobilise research, encouraging collaboration and enabling translation of research findings into clinical practice.

“Both of these research grants will accelerate Australian-led research and help improve the lives of all Australians.”