Going for growth - Remedy seeking 170 new healthcare professionals 

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Remedy Healthcare says it is aiming to employ another 170 healthcare professionals before the end of 2020 in response to the growth in demand for its services.

The company provides health-related services to corporate health programs, hospitals, primary healthcare organisations and a range of other clients, including members of private health funds.

It currently employs around 300 people from a range of occupations having celebrated its tenth anniversary last year. It said it is now looking to fill community-based roles with a telehealth component in occupations including registered nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, podiatrists and care coordinators.

According to Remedy Healthcare executive general manager Mike Hutton-Squire, “We are looking to attract passionate health professionals to join a dynamic, innovative and life-changing health company in a period of unprecedented growth.

“There are many genuine clinical opportunities across Remedy Healthcare where people can be challenged while making a meaningful difference to people’s lives.”

Mr Hutton-Squire said Remedy understands health professionals derive a sense of satisfaction from the impact of their work.

“Remedy’s clinical environment is founded on personal, holistic and evidence-based care, while our strong social purpose also considers our employees’ sense of professional fulfilment and wellbeing,” he said.

“With an average tenure of seven years, our people find their careers satisfying and value the opportunities that working for Remedy Healthcare can provide.”

“At Remedy Healthcare, we’re continually evolving services that meet people where they need us. This could be face-to-face at home, through telehealth, in an aged care setting or in a clinic,” continued Mr Hutton-Squire.

“Remedy’s future is very promising as we continue to grow our services into new markets to help Australians improve their wellbeing and age well.”