GMHBA shows the honest reasons we need health insurance in new brand campaign

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GMHBA Health Insurance has launched its latest brand work via Howatson+Company that seeks to show people that the company will protect its members "for the life they choose, and the one they don’t."

The campaign, shot by director Matthew Thorne of Pool Collective, seeks to shine a light on the stories of everyday Australians. This ranges from families growing faster than planned to those who might be more fragile than they look.

GMHBA chief marketing officer Helen Stevens said, “It was really important that we created a campaign that expressed who we are as a brand, and what we stand for in a category that is largely undifferentiated. We wanted to shift the focus from healthy decisions to human decisions, in a way that feels authentic to our members, our history and our purpose. This work reiterates that as a business, we're here to provide the care you need for the life you live.”

Gavin Chimes, ECD at Howatson+Company added, “We’re so used to health insurance brands telling us how to live or showing us a very specific picture of ‘healthy’. We wanted to share real stories, of real people, with a promise that we’re there to support GMHBA members – in every decision that makes them human.”

The campaign is rolling out across all platforms.