Diversity requires more than ‘lip service’

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The Medical Technology Association of Australia has released a new report on the sector's current approach to promoting gender diversity.

The report, 'Women in MedTech: A report on current practices to promote gender diversity', was developed by the MTAA's Women in MedTech committee (WiMT) and based on the findings of a recent workshop.

According to the new report, the workshop revealed "many common themes and learnings."

It found the organisations understood to be most effective in addressing the issue of gender diversity "are doing so out of a true belief and understanding of its benefits."

It also found change needs to be championed at the most senior levels of an organisation, including the consistent and 'authentic' communication about its importance, supported by "overt policies" and key performance indicators.

"The biggest pitfall is for the business leader (CEO/GM/MD) to give the topic ‘lip service’ and not make it a key priority for the organisation. Or even if they have made it a priority, the next biggest pitfall is for the leader to delegate it to HR or others to own it," says the report. "They must lead by example, make it a priority for the organisation and hold themselves and others accountable for making changes to drive gender equality. Otherwise change will not occur."

It added, "Although there is no single common approach, there are common themes and learnings which can provide organisations some insights and approaches."