Dentists say there is no escaping the oral health dangers of vaping

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Dentists are cautioning Australians of all ages about the dangers that vapes are posing to their oral and general health amidst research suggesting that over two million Australians are using e-cigarettes, including over 21 per cent of people aged 18 to 24.

While there is no tobacco in e-cigarettes, many vapes still contain nicotine and other chemicals, including heavy metals that have a similar negative effect as regular smoking.

According to Bupa Dental head dentist Dr Cathryn Madden, “By medical standards, vaping technology is fairly new and there is a lot we still don’t know about its long-term effects on oral and general health. What we do know is that vaping liquids can contain harmful substances and cancer-causing chemicals and that smoking in all its forms can have a detrimental impact on your oral health.

“That’s why we strongly encourage people to let their dentist know if they are considering vaping or are vaping already as we are best placed to check your mouth for changes and provide clinical research-based advice which is dangerously lacking across social media.”

Vapers who are looking to combat problems associated with using the product are being encouraged to discuss with their dentist or medical professional a plan to quit.

“They can also do simple things like brushing effectively twice per day with fluoride toothpaste, flossing, drinking plenty of water and even chewing sugarless gum to increase saliva levels that can improve breath and help protect teeth against cavities.

“Your friendly local dentist will never guilt or shame you about your lifestyle habits, we are just there to support you with the tools and judgement-free advice to help you live a long happy and healthy life,” added Dr Madden.