Demand for flu vaccinations expected to soar ahead of winter


Medibank says more than two million of its resident customers are now eligible for a free flu vaccination.

The company said the vaccination is more important than ever given warnings of new influenza strains entering the country following the reopening of Australia’s international border.

Medibank said this is why it is making it easier for customers with hospital or extras cover to access a free flu shot.

Chief medical officer Dr Linda Swan said, “We’ve done a fantastic job vaccinating ourselves against COVID-19, but now is the time to speak to your doctor about getting a flu shot.

“It’s important to take preventative steps to protect yourself against the flu, including practising good hygiene.

“While the flu shot doesn’t provide complete protection, it’s an important measure to help protect against new strains and complications from the virus.

“Influenza is a virus that can be difficult to predict as the virus can change with time. Because of this, the flu vaccine is slightly different each year.

“As always, it’s best to consult with your GP about your individual health needs and what’s appropriate for you.”

Medibank said eligible customers can redeem their flu voucher at a participating Amcal or Guardian pharmacy by logging into the My Medibank or Live Better app.