CSL partners with university on advanced manufacturing initiative

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CSL has announced a new joint initiative with the University of Melbourne that will see the creation of a new research centre to advance Victoria's manufacturing capabilities, including in pharmaceuticals.

The centre, which will be jointly funded by CSL and the Victorian government, will deploy digitisation and artificial intelligence with the goal of advancing the state's manufacturing capabilities.

The 'Faster, Smarter Pharma and Food Manufacturing' research centre will assess the potential for improved performance in existing manufacturing facilities, with new digital approaches and custom education to equip a more digitally skilled workforce.

Centre director and Professor in the University of Melbourne’s Department of Chemical Engineering, Sally Gras, said, “This initiative will unlock new opportunity for sustainable growth in Victoria’s pharma and food manufacturing sectors, supporting jobs and building resilience in the economy.”

“The centre will connect engineering and computing specialists with biopharmaceutical and food industries with the aim to improve manufacturing in Victoria through state-of-the-art research solutions.”

CSL executive director of bioprocess development, Matthias Zimmermann, spoke of his strong support for the project.

“In addition to showing our commitment to the long-standing partnership CSL has with the University of Melbourne, this funding underscores our important promise to foster a thriving medical research community in Australia and around the world.

“This joint funding initiative is an exciting opportunity to advance local bioprocess engineering and digital capabilities and to support the growth and transformation of Victorian manufacturing,” said Zimmermann.