COVID-19: Government targets younger Australians with new campaign

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Health minister Greg Hunt has launched new advertisements warning younger Australians of the threat posed by COVID-19.

Mr Hunt said the ‘how the virus spreads’ advertisement, which will run across multiple platforms, features a young man whose mother is in intensive care with COVID-19 after catching the virus from him. He was infected by a friend who was infected by a workmate. All three were young and none knew they were infected.

"The ad clearly demonstrates how fast COVID-19 can spread, often without people knowing it, while showing the severity of the virus, and how it can touch family and loved ones," said Mr Hunt.

"The ad’s message is for everyone – COVID-19 is a highly infectious disease that can quickly spread through everyday interactions and individual behaviours. This is particularly salient for young Australians who are catching COVID-19 more than any other age group."

Mr Hunt said people aged 20-29 are the most likely to contract the virus, with young women more so than young men.

"And though symptoms are often mild, young people can still be seriously impacted. They are not immune," he said, adding there has been a recent shift in cases to younger populations.

He said, "The ad is a reminder to them – and the rest of the community – to keep doing the essential things – wash your hands, keep your physical distance, get tested, stay home if you’re sick, download the COVIDSafe app and, in areas of high community transmission or where physical distancing is difficult, wear a mask."