Calvary-Medibank Joint Venture appoints executive medical director

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Dr Emily Kirkpatrick has been appointed the executive medical director of the Calvary-Medibank Joint Venture (CMJV).

The CMJV was formed in 2020 to address challenges in the health system, including patient access, quality of care and overall system cost.

Dr Kirkpatrick previously served as the deputy chief public health officer and deputy chief medical officer at SA Health, where she led the COVID-19 community response during the pandemic.

She has more than a decade of experience working in primary care, public health and health advocacy, including focusing on preventative health while practising as a general practitioner in Adelaide.

“I am excited to expand my career within the private sector and foster stronger cross-sector partnerships that add value to the patient experience and deliver evidence-based care in the right place at the right time,” said Dr Kirkpatrick.

CMJV general manager Sarah McRae said she was thrilled with the appointment which will further strengthen the joint venture.

“Dr Kirkpatrick brings a wealth of experience and expertise, and she is passionate about supporting the sustainability of the health system through the delivery of innovative models of care that respond to how patients want their healthcare delivered,” said Ms McRae.

“We have always been committed to providing the community with world leading clinical care. Dr Kirkpatrick is one of the country’s most respected clinicians, and a medical leader both in South Australia and across the nation, who will apply her knowledge to support the growth of the joint venture.”