Call to fund insulin pump that has been recommended and 'promised'

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The maker of the Omnipod DASH System has expressed disappointment over the lack of funding for its new insulin delivery system.

The company, Insulet Australia, says people have welcomed the bipartisan political commitment to funding continuous glucose monitoring for all people living with Type 1 Diabetes.

However, it says this commitment needs to be matched with funding for insulin delivery.

"Users are currently paying for the technology out of their own pocket despite commitments from the outgoing Federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt," said the company.

“I guarantee if they approve it, we will fund it," said Minister Hunt in late 2021.

The Medical Services Advisory Committee subsequently recommended funding for Omnipod. The system is a discreet, tubeless insulin pump.

"Despite being approved and recommended for funding, no further announcements or financial commitments have been made from either side of the political aisle," said the company.

Kelly Caven, a Queensland resident whose son Liam is an Omnipod DASH System user, said her family is self-funding the Omnipod at over $400 per month which has caused a huge financial and mental burden. 

“The government needs to be held accountable in providing a reasonable timeframe for funding so that more kids like Liam can access it,” said Ms Caven. 

Joanna Sader, the country manager for Insulet Australia, said the company is doing everything it can to secure public funding for its Omnipod DASH system. 

“The Omnipod DASH insulin delivery system has been rigorously approved and a commitment was made by Minister Hunt to fund this technology. The Diabetes community need to know when this will happen. Hopefully, good news will be coming,” said Ms Sader.