Bupa warns agains vaccination fatigue as flu season approaches

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More people are predicted to be hospitalised with the flu this year compared to last year through potentially reduced uptake of the flu shot, relaxation of face mask mandates and international travellers returning to the country.

Bupa chief medical officer Dr Mark Lubliner said it was important for people to prioritise their annual flu vaccination.

“I know that some of us may have vaccination fatigue but now is not the time to stop protecting ourselves against the flu,” said Dr Lubliner.

“The flu is not just a bad cold – it can be fatal for vulnerable people.

Influenza poses the highest risk for infants under six months old, adults 65 years and above, people with chronic health conditions, and the indigenous community.

“It is important that all of us are vaccinated for our own health and to protect these vulnerable groups,” said Dr Lubliner.

He said people can now get a COVID-19 vaccine and a flu shot on the same day.

“These viruses are unrelated, so if you’re due for a COVID booster, get your influenza vaccine at the same visit to the doctor or pharmacy,”

It is recommended people have their flu shots in April and May, ahead of the peak flu season between June and September.

Bupa has started delivering more than 51,500 flu vaccinations to businesses across Australia. They will be delivered onsite at workplaces nationally and by our partnering pharmacies across more than 2000 locations Australia wide.