Bupa says renewed partnership with Healthscope helping to modernise patient care

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Bupa and Healthscope have renewed their hospital agreement that aims to help limit out-of-pocket costs while focusing on patient care and experience.

The companies have a renewed three-year partnership.

Under the partnership contract, a joint steering committee will be established comprised of clinicians and senior leaders from Bupa and Healthscope. It will help expand offerings for Bupa members while also collaborating on new initiatives to introduce efficiencies into the overall system.

Healthscope CEO Greg Horan said, “This is a truly collaborative partnership that recognises the rising costs facing private hospitals, and also sees both parties committed to delivering innovative new care options.

“With sustainable funding embedded in the partnership, we will be able to jointly invest in enhancing overall experience for Bupa members during their health care journey in our hospitals.”

Bupa said the agreement will help limit out-of-pocket costs for patients and members.

Bupa Health Insurance managing director Chris Carroll said the partnership acknowledged increased costs in healthcare and a commitment to innovative models of care, which leads to care in the most appropriate setting with positive outcomes.

“Going to hospital can be a daunting and stressful time for people, so we’re thrilled our members can have peace of mind knowing they’ll be covered at Healthscope hospitals,” said Mr Carroll.

“Our partnership with Healthscope is a great example of hospitals and private health insurers working together to explore new initiatives while ensuring greater choice of care and keeping healthcare affordable.

“This agreement recognises the changing clinical needs of our members and being part of a contemporary health care system.”