Bupa says AI can assist optometrists in keeping an eye on heart health

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Bupa says new optometry technology is breaking ground in detecting potential heart issues through Artificial Intelligence.

The company said recent research commissioned by RACGP found that 66 per cent of people susceptible to heart disease are unaware they are at risk of heart disease.

Bupa Optical says its 'Microvascular Health Assessment' uses AI technology to detect underlying health problems and help customers better understand whether they are at risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

The company said its Microvascular Health Assessment has graded three per cent of customers whose heart health risk rating has been assessed by the tool as ‘poor'.

Guneet Sawhney, the director of Bupa Optical and Hearing, said the test compares a patient’s eyes with a database of retinal images in a matter of seconds to check for similarities to other conditions that may be signs of a potential heart issue through a detailed report.

“The eye is a window into the heart and the only place in the body where people can get a direct, non-invasive view of a person’s blood vessels which can tell a broad story about an individual’s current and future health risks,” he said.

“Through our Microvascular Health Assessment tool, we’re extending routine eye tests into broader non-invasive health checks which can be referred to a medical professional if any red flags come up. This makes heart health monitoring more accessible for everyday Australians.”

“We truly believe this technology, which is available as an add-on to a standard eye test, can help customers better understand their underlying heart health,” added Mr Sawhney.