Bupa: 'Making the necessary improvements to put things right'

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Bupa says it has been "deeply sorry" for the times it has not met expected standards in its residential aged care facilities but it is "making the necessary improvements to put things right".

According to Suzanne Dvorak, managing director of Bupa Villages and Aged Care, the company currently supports around 6,000 aged care residents.

"In the vast majority of our 72 aged care homes across Australia, things are working well and we are meeting the expected standards for our residents," said Ms Dvorak.

"We are investing millions of dollars into our aged care business. This has included additional staffing, resources and training. We’ve also listened to residents and their families and are acting on their feedback," continued Ms Dvorak.

"We know that fixing some of these issues takes time, but a number of the homes that were previously identified as having problems have now passed external audits, are no longer sanctioned and have been fully re-accredited."

Ms Dvorak said that, since joining the company in June, "I can assure you that we are taking our responsibility very seriously and we are committed to ensuring we support our residents with care and respect every day.

"Bupa is proud of the 9,000 people who work hard in our homes to ensure residents’ clinical, lifestyle and wellbeing needs are met."

She added, "We are working to improve the quality of care in each and every home we operate, to help ensure that past mistakes don’t happen again and to restore confidence in all of our homes."