Bupa announces new 'virtual and in-home' partnership with Mater Health

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Bupa and Mater Health have announced an expanded partnership that aims to provide patients with new virtual and in-home care services that will reduce the need to go to a hospital.

Bupa said it will fund access to technologies that will enable patients from Mater’s 11 hospitals across metropolitan and regional Queensland to receive hospital style care and monitoring from the comfort of their own homes.

It said that with more than half of all private hospital births in Queensland occurring in a Mater maternity hospital, the new partnership will also deliver expanded perinatal mental health services.

Mater Health executive director Daniele Doyle said the partnership was an outstanding outcome for patients who would access greater choice in healthcare.

“Bupa is supporting our ambitions to expand the scope and reach of our health services using virtual care technologies,” she said.

This is vital in a state as large as Queensland, where some patients travel hundreds of kilometres for appointments, procedures, treatments and follow-up.”

Ms Doyle said the work with Bupa will enhance choice and outcomes for patients recovering from hip and knee surgery, people managing chronic health conditions, new parents, and the elderly.

“Mater is driven to develop healthcare services that are innovative, integrated and that exceed the expectations of our patients. This partnership will help facilitate Mater to continue to deliver the choice and the high-quality care that Queenslanders deserve,” she said.

Bupa Health Insurance managing director Chris Carroll said, “Both Bupa and Mater recognise that new and innovative models of care can be harnessed to make healthcare more convenient, accessible and affordable for patients."

“This partnership will prioritise the patient experience without compromising on care quality. We’re very proud to work with Mater to expand healthcare options in Queensland as well as support their in-hospital services.”

Bupa also recently announced a strategic partnership with Cabrini Health to expand new models of care, including home care options.

Mr Carroll said the Mater and Cabrini partnerships demonstrate what is possible when hospitals and insurers work collaboratively to address the challenges in the health system.