Benefits of being a little more selective

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A new analysis from Bupa has once again confirmed the benefits to consumers of being more selective about choosing a healthcare provider.

According to the company, its members could be around $600 a year better off simply by choosing one of its Member First dentists, physiotherapists or chiropractors.

Consumers who used a Bupa Member First provider for dental, physiotherapy or chiropractic treatments, had an average out-of-pocket fee of $397 over one year, compared to $983 for non-Member First providers.

Dr Dwayne Crombie, managing director of Bupa Health Insurance, said many customers remain unaware of the difference providers charge and the total impact on a household budget.

“It’s no secret that everyone is feeling the pinch in relation to the general cost of living pressures,” said Dr Crombie, whose comments come in advance of an expected announcement from health minister Greg Hunt on a raft of measures designed to make private health insurance more affordable.

“As health insurers, we aim to negotiate the best price for our customers however even after many years of these arrangements being in place some people aren’t aware of the difference it makes.

“Saving up to $600 can make a big difference and we want customers to know about it, ensuring people can see the real value for money their health cover can provide them.

“Whilst Bupa customers can visit any provider, it is important for people to understand the financial experience does vary significantly and attending a Members First provider can not only deliver financial savings but all submit claims electronically making the entire experience simpler as well.

“We list all our Member First providers on our website or through our app,” added Dr Crombie.