All eyes on September quarter statistics

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All eyes on the prudential regulator today with the expected release of the September quarter private health insurance statistics.

The statistics will include premium revenue and benefit outlays along with consumer out-of-pocket costs and management expenses.

The September quarter report is highly anticipated given it coincides with private health insurers submitting to the government for next year's annual premium increase.

It also coincides with the enduring tension between insurers and device companies over the pricing of prostheses.

Health insurers are pushing for further price reform, arguing the reductions negotiated in 2017 have failed to deliver on the basis of a significant increase in the volume of devices used for a similar number of patients.

Private Healthcare Australia is calling on the government to expedite a review into the General and Miscellaneous categories on the Prostheses List and to align local prices with international benchmarks.

The Medical Technology Association of Australia challenges the insurers. It argues they are paying less for device claims since 2017 regardless of any increase in utilisation.